Welcome to the British Organic Dairy Co.

We are a family of farms making naturally distinctive organic dairy products.

We believe our grass truly is greener and serves as the proof of our distinctive taste and texture.

Upon rich and rolling British pastures that span Welsh valleys and English meadows, our free-roaming cows graze happily and healthily. They provide our farmers with the freshest organic milk that is then made into an award-winning cheese using a traditional British Cheddar recipe.

Choose from our pleasantly smooth and creamy Mild Cheddar, to our deeply satisfying and complex Vintage cheese, aged up to 18 months.

British Organic Dairy Co Cheeses
  • Made with premium organic milk
  • From happy and healthy grass-fed and free to roam cows
  • Brought to you by a group of organic family farms
  • 100% British
  • Multiple award-winning

Always Organic

  • No artificial fertilisers or pesticides
  • No GMOs
  • No growth hormones
  • Animals raised without the need for antibiotics
  • Highest standard of animal welfare